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Annabelle's Accidental Proclamation

50 pages41 minutes


You know about that pesky, unannounced Tenth Prophecy? Probably not, it being secret and all. Well, not so secret since all the Sorcerer-Lords know about it. They're also none too pleased the stars picked dog-cleaning attendant Annabelle as the next Chosen One.

You'd think that simply proclaiming, 'I'm the Chosen One' magically means safety. Not so much. Not when the Sorcerer-Lords have invested interested in kicking Annabelle out and putting one of their own kids in her place.

With no escape route in sight, Annabelle must rely on her flimsy magic and the kid who just tried to kill her. The odds, unfortunately, don't look too hot.

This edition includes bonus story, "The Accidental Prophecy."

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