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In A Jam: 3 'Not Long' Stories

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'In A Jam' is a compilation of 3 humorous short children stories. The main character in each story has to creatively get out of a personal jam.

The first story titles 'Squeaky Sneakers' is about a boy who gets a pair of sneakers only to find they make an awful squeak sound when he walks. Now he has to come up with a way to stop the squeaking or endure being called Peter the Squeaker by his friends. Plus he has lost the ability to sneak up on anyone because they are alerted to his movements by the squeak. When you like to sleep in sneaking into class late is the only way to avoid detention.

The second story is called 'Tricky Zipper'. It is about a boy who get stuck in his winter jacket and can't get out. He has to solve this dilemma on his own or risk the teasing of his annoying older sister.

The final story is titled 'Stinkified Socks'. This is about a boy who finds the socks in his drawer suddenly smell rancid. He has to solve this problem or he'll never have a fresh smelling sock to wear again.

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