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Four Color Glasses, A Bed-Time Story Rhyme

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Four Color Glasses, A Bed-Time Story Rhyme

Four Color Glasses is an acting-driven bed-time story that involves making up what happens as soon as different-color glasses are put on... After reading the book's four stories, I hope that you get inspired and get inventive by making your own ones! Just choose a color of the glasses, pretend that you are putting them on, and make up what happens soon thereafter! Have fun being creative!

I was never much of a bed-time story dad. Four Color Glasses was invented by me one night after boys would not stop playing with my glasses. From then on, I had to repeat the story on countless occasions. I am so glad I did! Billy and Danny will soon be teenagers. I created this little book so my two twin sons never forget what they favorite bed-time story was.

I hope Four Color Glasses brings as many of wonderful bed-time memories, to everyone who reads it to their children, as it brought to the three of us.

And please remember: don’t just read this one; ACT IT OUT!

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