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Not Kid's Games: The Adventures Of Janr Ssor

47 pages44 minutes


Can a hallucinogenic experience stop a war that has already been fought? What if hallucinations are real? ... Janr and Q have created the worlds most popular War Game and now they are involved in a real war. Fighting for survival with modern weapons has already failed but they just might be able to do something unimaginable with mushrooms and a little help from technology.

Janr and Q are about to experience a world of imagination that will fill your mind with images you expect from a movie. This adventure changes their view of reality forever and it just might do the same for you. Take the Trip!

Not Kid's Games is a suspenseful drama that will make you wonder what would happen if you could re-write your life? What if you could undo the mistakes you believe you have made? Is there a second chance? Written in a vivid capturing style that only Janr Ssor can evoke; you will walk away with a new expanded view of reality and what you may be able to accomplish in this life! Sci-fi or fact? You decide!

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