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The Magic of Self Empowerment: A Guide to the Path of Power and Healing

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Around us are violent forces operating against our nature and our will. But alongside these destructive forces are the presence of natural, creative forces that you can tap to optimize your survival and maximize your body-mind's healthy living. Self Empowerment is the missing link in wellness without the use of modern drugs.

Regain your personal power daily by following the techniques in the book. Self empowerment is a basic need today in order to overcome the lethargic forces that impede our personal growth and development. To become truly successful and live a satisfying life, one must always be filled with the energies of Self Empowerment. Learn how to tap these energies that are within your hands. Self empowerment is the missing link in wellness, a hallmark of quantum evolution in consciousness.

Only self empowerment can assure your link with the protective, creative and healing forces of the Universe. Protect yourself from the harmful spiritual forces and enable your body-mind to experience and sustain personal security and a disease-free living. Make self empowerment your daily combat machine against stress, illness, apathy, lethargy, and insecurity. Experience your life changing for the better by following the basic and simple self empowerment techniques.

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