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This was an excellent book, even for a reader that does not have any formerly gained knowledge of the life and career of Malcolm X.

"I have never been through, or rather in any high school. I never was in college/university, but I can say to you that Almighty, God, was my Teacher and I really love the courses that He has taken me through."

"He (Malcolm) was teaching blood bath. He was teaching arming yourself to attack a well-armed people of whom you would have just committed suicide. It was ignorant stuff he was teaching, just a loud yelling, and he had not truth, he was the only proof. He was a man upset, had lost his mind and running all over the country saying lets kill him. When no one was around but himself. We didn't want to kill Malcolm and didn't try to kill him. We knew that ignorant foolish teachings would bring him to his own end... He got just what he preached, blood bath, and was taking you to your own doom."

"If Malcolm had died a natural death, while he was with me and his followers, we would have given him one of the most glorious burials... But it's just the opposite. The Holy Qur'an forbids the Messenger to stand even beside the grave of a hypocrite. We can't even say a good word for his wife because she was with him and she still has not declared herself against his blood-bath teaching."

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