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Great Kids

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Tired, confused and often overwhelmed by our children's complexity, this book offers a new way of understanding, approaching and appreciating them. Parents, all over the world, are becoming aware that their children are truly amazing! Yet today's parents are being challenged as never before. Somehow, the discipline strategies from our past seem to have changed completely. The old ways of parenting no longer seem to work. Living in a completely different, technologically advanced world, today's kids are different. They often don't respond easily to punitive discipline methods. They can be highly sensitive and perceptive, yet equally strong-willed and emotionally intense. Baffling us with their restlessness, range of challenging behaviour and other intolerances, nowadays children ironically seem be more 'switched on' than we were, with virtually unlimited energy. It is about recognizing, acknowledging and learning to boost your child's natural potential. Learning to help our kids redirect their excess energy, express and manage their emotions appropriately, changes everything. This begins with an understanding of their world - the world of feeling. From here, it explores the issue of respect and the importance of choice and responsibility for today's generation. Scattered with practical examples, we learn simple, highly effective tools for respectful disciplining, establishing security and building our child's self esteem. The book also offers a step-by-step guide of 30 practical tips and imaginative games, giving one plenty of tried and tested ways to implement this new approach and watch your children's natural potential blossom.

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