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History, And More

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In this series of four unique essays you'll discover the complete history of the world from the Big Bang until yesterday afternoon, why there are more Greek philosophers that Inuit and why, in the author's opinion, we should all be deeply suspicious of the motivation of 'scientists'. You'll probably find it funny, too.
The first essay describes the history of the world, with carefully calculated scores out of ten for each significant event so that you can miss out the bits of least relevance if you want to. The second essay is a made-up tale of two cavemen who wonder why the sun comes back every day and why rivers keep on flowing. They dream up answers to these questions, but each has a different answer. You can see where that's going, can't you?
The third essay is where it all starts getting exciting. That one explains why, today, scientists get paid big lumps of money – usually your money – to produce theories that are too complicated for the likes of you to understand. The fourth essay takes that theme further, into the fairy-tale realm of quantum mechanics.
Throw in some comments on the book, admittedly by people whose existence it might be difficult to prove, and what you've got is an entertaining, educational, funny, bizarre piece of work that will enrich your quality of life. (There is no guarantee about that outcome, by the way.)

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