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Fisherman's Guide to Bottomdwellers

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Down here among the bottom dwellers, men have no reservations about finding women better than themselves to live with. It’s like when Austin showed up driving a brand-new red Camaro, and he said he had a sugar mama in Tennessee he was living off. He said she had bought him this car because he was the best she had ever had. Those of us who are old and wiser knew what that meant: his old lady was letting him drive her car as long as he did his little factory job and paid the insurance. As soon as she got tired of his antics she’d take back the car to be used as bait for the next boy floating past.

It’s like when you see an old man living under a bridge and he’s got this dog that follows him everywhere. Any bum can buy a dog and any woman can buy a boy. It’s comforting to own a boy.

When you sit down at Dan’s by the pool tables and ask your boy for a cigarette and he puts it between his lips and lights it, sucks a couple of draws to make sure it’s glowing brightly and then hands it to you. It’s a status kind of thing. It’s comforting when you’re too old to believe in fairy tales anymore. It’s like love only better because you don’t cry as often when you own a boy.

Kat owns Bucky, and they run the bars in the Victorian Section of Louisville KY with her gang of Lost Boys. Everything is going as planned until two tall, handsome strangers find their way into her circle of friends. One will lead her crew on wild adventures, while the other one will force her to take a hard look at her life and circumstances...and nothing will ever be the same.

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