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Success: A Different Measure

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In our modern world, success is mostly regarded in terms of success in a profession, prestige, power, show business and material wealth. Claus looks at success with different eyes. Whilst he covers success factors such as goal setting, attitude, belief and motivation - as he worked in sales for some years - he also regards success in a more immaterial, unusual way. Success has to do with accepting life, living with our shadow side and developing humane qualities like compassion and non-judgment. Overcoming a crisis, coping with change, leading a more meditative life, working with abundance and adopting a perspective of love, instead of fear - all these can be seen as success. Claus brings his unique perspective on success gained from experience as a sales person as well as a hypnotherapist and spiritual healer. Above all, though, his view comes from experiencing and observing life - many examples of people and their situations enrich the book.

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