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Jesus' Island of Dreams

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Thomas, the great-grandson of Apostle Thomas, lives in the Roman province of Judea and leads us on a thrilling adventure over seven years and across the Mediterranean to fulfill instructions from Jesus to keep His religion alive and growing in the second century.
In 118 A.D. Thomas dreams he is on an island with Jesus who tells him, “Walk with me. I want you to remember this island for you must be able to find it.” Jesus tells him you must locate and move certain records and relics while developing relationships with good Romans for his protection. He must do missionary work wherever he travels. Jesus tells him to move Christians out of Israel to avoid the approaching war between the Romans and the Jews
Thomas sees the critical need, but it scares him. Who will help him and become his companions? Luckily, he has inherited great wealth to aid him in his efforts. What was the source of the wealth? Can he find many important Romans to help and protect him when he knows the Romans want to kill Christians? Can he convert large numbers of people and if so how? Can he and his companions deal the with pagan relions and the agnostic teachings swirling about wherever they travel? Thomas must fight with men determined to take from him important records. How does he survive the violence he encounters?
See how the Romans work together. Can Thomas learn their ways? Go with him across the Mediterranean as he does missionary work and searches for the Island-of-Dreams. Will he find the island or is it just a dream?

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