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Freelance Writing: how to make a living as a freelance writer

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"You need more than talent to make a living as a freelance writer. You need to harness your talent and use it in ways you've never considered before. The more versatile you are, and the more informed you are, the more opportunities you can create," says author Janice Hally, a top television scriptwriter and the author of fiction and non-fiction books who has made her living as a freelance writer since her early twenties.

Topic Editor for online magazine Suite101's Freelance Writing section, she has taken the material from 67 articles - many of them award-winning - written during her time as the Freelance Writing Feature Writer and packed them into this book, creating a reference library full of information accumulated over 30 years' experience, covering all aspects of freelance writing and with all the advice required to survive and be a success in the business.

What is technical writing? How do you write a newsletter for a company? What is meant by the words, "lede", "hook", "nut graph", or "slant"? Knowing the answers to these questions could open the doors to writing opportunities that you'd never considered.

Know the markets, know the jargon, know your own potential, and create the opportunities for yourself - these are the secrets to being a successful freelance writer. With 67 chapters packed with information and advice - this book is a reference library with everything you need to build your career.

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