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From The Ashes

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Mack graduates from the right college, with cutting edge training in the right areas. He then manages to snag Janice, a poor but Miss Universe type girl, for his wife.
Mack and Janice then find and buy their dream house.
After a year and a half, Mack's big pay job goes away, with zero warning. As a result, Mack and Janice will probably lose the house.
Janice isn't going to lose the house, no matter what. Thus, Janice quits her secretary job and goes to work as a dancer at the Roadside Pub, out by the highway. The Roadside Pub is a nudie bar tourist trap, out on the main highway. The girls who dance there not only dance in the nude, but they also have to fuck any customer who can come up with their price.
Mack is mad as hell that his wife has to work at the Roadside Pub, but he realizes that the financial necessity is mostly his fault.
Mack works hard to build a consulting business so that he can earn enough to allow Janice to go back to work as a secretary, instead of working in what amount to a whore house. However, there's one advantage to Janice working at the Roadside Pub. Janice has turned from frigid wife to a tigress in bed! Since she has to fuck at work, she has changed her attitude about sex. She no longer just lets Mack fuck her as a wifely duty, she now helps.
One thing that makes Mack's wife’s new job somewhat tolerable, is that several of the guys he used to work with are also young, just graduated, computer guys. Their wives also dance at the Roadside Pub, also out of financial necessity. If Mack has to let his wife whore so that they can survive economically, at least he's not the only one doing it and Janice isn't the only wife doing it.
Through a hard working year, Mack gradually manages to build a clientele for the work that he's doing and gradually gets back to the point where he can support secretary Janice and himself to the point where it's not absolutely financially necessary for Janice to work at the Roadside Pub. However, Mack's work is strictly time billed and varies quite a bit from week to week. Thus Janice still dances at the Roadside Pub.
Mack then learns that the dancers at the Roadside Pub not only have to dance in the nude and fuck customers, the dancers are also being forced to fuck Wesley, the Manager to keep their jobs. Mack is madder than hell, however, there's nothing he can do at that point in time.
Late in the second year, Janice then gives Mack an early Christmas gift. The early Christmas gift is a DVD, featuring Wren, the daughter of Wesley the Roadside Pub’s Manager. The girl is a 19-year-old college student and she's shown in the process of learning a lot about sex. Not just classroom theory, but lab!
The plan is that Janice and the other girls who work at the Roadside Pub lab will use the DVD to get better working conditions. However, a lot happens as a result of the girls' plan.

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