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Layoff Skullduggery: The Official Humor Guide

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There are official announcements and unsettling rumors of ongoing layoffs swirling around in every, city, state, industry, profession and government principality. They are designed to rattle your psyche and give you a sense of uncertainly and helplessness. But fear not. A counter-insurgency of determined survivors with the specialized knowledge to escape the sharp blade of the ax and gloomy glue of the pink slip has arisen among us. Operatives are making some smooth moves on the Man (and Woman) that keep them one step ahead of the shakeout. Now you can make those same moves.
This first chapter gives you some basic goofball tactics that will confound your supervisory opponents and have them frantically combing through company policy manuals to find a rational response. The second chapter ventures into some advance moves that boggle the mind with ambiguities, never lending themselves to an official response because your ax-slinging supervisory is not quite sure what he or she is responding to.

If they eventually figure it out, it’s okay. You’ll have bought some precious time and created some wonder stories to tell your grandchildren. Have a lot of fun and enjoy the ride.

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