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Slide Rule

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Excerpt: "I am not a man who knows much about pursuing women, nor am I generally so bold to take the initiative to introduce myself to them. Like most men, I get stupid in the presence of beautiful women. I fumble for words, and I generally make myself look like an inexperienced ass. I should have taken the girl's response to my staring as a cue that an advance would have been welcomed, if not at least tolerated. But I didn't. When class adjourned, I packed my book bag and walked out the door, telling myself that I was a loser for not having the balls to speak to the girl who stared back. But as I descended the steps onto the sidewalk, someone tapped my shoulder."

Continue Reading to find out how a young engineering student, overly confident in his own intelligence, yet awkward in the presence of women, receives a lesson he never forgets from a fellow coed - or two - during a hot summer session. Involves male-female-female relationships. Sexually explicit. This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.

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