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Cell Wars: The Battle for Brian

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Remember The Beano’s Numskulls? The science fiction films Fantastic Voyage and Inner Space? No? Oh well, you won’t forget Cell Wars in a hurry. And it might save your life...

Brian Davis of The Poplars, Watford, has a problem. He’s been eating junk food and drinking home brew. Like everyone else on the planet, he has a team of minuscule protectors inside him, most of them devoted to keeping him well. Except that in Brian’s case, they don’t know what to do. There’s only one small hope. Send Bill, the Head of the Immigration and Foreign Object Office (IFOO) on a dangerous mission to find the answer.

‘They say nothing is truly original but this comes close’ – press-ganged businessman on transatlantic flight

‘What’s he gone and done now?’ – Adam’s favourite aunt

‘A bit of Terry Pratchett meets Lewis Carroll. And some other funny stuff’ – dictated under duress by a book agent cornered at a literary festival

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