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Last Days and Times

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The age of apocalypse is upon us. Fundamentalists and new age thinkers of all stripes are convinced that the new Catholic pope ushers in the end of the world. Leveraging that hysteria, Arthur Davidson, a radio evangelist, rises to prominence while promising salvation through him alone. But Davidson guards a startling secret, one that drives him to force the Bible's apocalyptic prophesies to fruition. He procures ten tactical nuclear weapons stolen from a Russian Army facility and attempts to use them to bring about the end of all time.

Davidson's nemesis is Sally Reiser, a Jew disillusioned with God, whom she blames for the handicap of her six-year-old autistic son. She's the last of a line of seers, a family gifted to witness the work of God, no matter how beautiful or terrible. Sally allies with an unlikely hodgepodge of Davidson's enemies including Gary LaMonte, a doctoral candidate who has written a thesis on post-millennialism, the effect of the dawning millennium on the mass psyche. Rosa Vasquez is the FBI's lead agent in the government's fight against Davidson's terrorist network, code-named Bible Scholar. Together, these imperfect heroes combat Davidson's mad plans, risking everything to save the planet, save each other and save the anchors of their souls.

Praise for Last Days and Times from readers:
"Excellent read! Well written and with well-developed characters. This book is edgy, yet well grounded in today's world. A real page-turner!"

"Stephan Loy paints for us a compelling story with figures we recognize as true and situations we cannot disregard."

"...this book is genuinely good, every bit as engaging and well written as a Dan Brown, or Dean Koontz novel."

"Issues of faith, race, family, and a snappy whodunit; Loy lights fuses from every angle, leaving the reader to follow the sparks. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself swimming in the powder keg, watching the whole thing go “boom.” And man, what a sight to behold."

"Stephan Loy spins a good yarn in Last Days and Times. I’m normally not into end of the world stuff, but this was recommended by a friend."

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