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Insomnia 4: The Real Monster Under the Bed

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Free drugs should be a good thing, right? Larry the Laser and Insomnia are in for the high of their life as Sick Finks and his skeletal assistant Bloody Needle pump them full of the most exotic chemicals in their collection. Insomnia is having the best time of his life, but could it kill him? If he wants to live he’s going to have to escape soon.

There are four stories in the Insomnia Series and one longer work. The titles run as follows:

- Insomnia 1: Running Paranoid
- Insomnia 2: Lethal Injection
- Insomnia 3: The Drug Lab
- Insomnia 4: The Real Monster Under The Bed
- Insomnia: The Novel

You can find stories 1-4 in Insomnia: The Collection.

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