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Insomnia 1: Running Paranoid

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Insomnia only wanted to buy some drugs. Unfortunately, the Mafia doesn’t care about that. Add three S&M freaks to the already muddled mix and you have a recipe for pain. Insomnia finds himself the star of the show in a video that may just end his life. Will he find a way to avoid stardom? “This book is high action comedy where the paddles never stop and the thrills just keep coming!"

There are four stories in the Insomnia Series and one longer work. The titles run as follows:

- Insomnia 1: Running Paranoid
- Insomnia 2: Lethal Injection
- Insomnia 3: The Drug Lab
- Insomnia 4: The Real Monster Under The Bed
- Insomnia: The Novel

You can find stories 1-4 in Insomnia: The Collection.

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