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Tales of Longrise Love Part 1-3 : The Dark Side of Lara Cummins, Lust in Langleigh Forest, Lady Annabelle's Ball (and her midnight party...)

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Part One

...introduces Lara Cummins, now eighteen and full of curiosity, which is only furthered by her friendship with the naughty-minded farm girl Nina Carter from the neighboring village.Nina loves telling Lara of her escapades and it's not long before Lara gets into some of her own..

Part Two

Nina and Lara are very keen to attend Lady Annabelle's Ball the following week, and while Lara has managed to get her hands on the money for an expensive ball gown, Nina finds herself having to work her charms on the Squire's gamekeeper Thomas..

Part Three

After weeks of anticipation, Lady Annabelle's Ball finally arrives,and the Lady of Langleigh Hall is determined to make it the most decadent yet.Lara, Nina, and Miss Layne, in disguise, attend the Ball and though their recent sensual escapades had been highly debauched, nothing could prepare them for the erotic extremities of Lady Annabelle's midnight party....

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