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Dreamcast 2

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In this follow-up to Dreamcast, Travis teams up with Amanda and tries to have a normal life, if only his paranormal sensitivity would let him. He senses dark purposes around him, and knowing what he knows, is compelled by his sense of responsibility to do something about them. Of course, this always gets him into trouble.

In case 1, Travis fights off a murderer who also has paranormal abilities, perhaps more powerful than his own.

In case 2, Travis attempt to correct a tragic event but gets stuck himself.

In case 3, Travis inadvertently accepts an assignment from a crime family for insane amount of money and has to extricate himself from a deathtrap.

In case 4, Travis helps Amanda with one of her therapy clients, once again only to stumble over murder and abuse.

These cases are woven around his balancing act of trying to lead a semi-normal life. He gets married and has children and a mortgage. He tries to shut his mind off to other peoples' troubles, but of course he can't, and is persecuted by his own extra sensory abilities and his conscience.

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