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The Station: Dead is not Dead

144 pages2 hours


No one knows why exactly they ended up at The Station, an abandoned radio station on the outskirts of the smoldering ruins of Detroit. But everyone has a story.
First Sgt. Daniel Cass and his squad of Montana National Guard troops made their way to the station searching for hope.
Detroit News reporter Thomas Kowalski thought The Station might help him find his humanity.
Ester Williams was in a haze of marijuana and pain killers when she was carried into the former home of Detroit's easy listening.
No matter what the reason, The Station has become the home for a new and growing family of survivors in the post apocalyptic world where the dead walk and the living hide.
While the group of two-dozen survivors struggle with each other, none know how connected they really are through life and death. And as they all scavenge for food and search for answers, The Station will provide them with both. And some things, they learn, they don't really want to know.

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