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Polly Parkins, a young girl in Victorian London, accepts from an early age that she is destined for a life of prostitution. She struggles to reach the top of the 'career' and become an exclusive and pampered courtesan. When circumstances combine to prevent this she emigrates to the U.S.

Starting out in New York, she works in the Colorado gold fields then in an El Paso 'parlor house', an upper-level brothel. Independent and tough minded, and decides to strike out on her own and leaves. She ends up as a famous Madam and, in her later years, a respected Southwestern 'old-timer'.

"Polly" is based on stories surrounding the life of Sadie Orchard, a true-life New Mexico Madam, and portrays the social system and business of prostitution in the 1800s, both in London and the American Southwest.

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