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Team Hippie-Perfect World

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Wesley Dark and Mama Jewel had both serviced time in prison. Wesley had spent time in the U. S. Navy but that did not count as prison time. They met when each of them were trying to rob the same bank. They were living in a converted school bus that they painted with flowers and other peace-not-love things. They were leaving to go to Woodstock in New York for the big concert. While waiting for Mama to pick him up Wesley had gotten into a fight in a local bar in Sebastian, Florida. Because of his Battle Fatigue, he had gotten while serving with the U.S. Navy's Underwater Demolition Team he went completely berserk. Instead of locking him in jail, they carried him to the hospital. An Indian River Sheriff's Deputy stood watch at his door. Mama and two friends rescued him. They rushed to the Sebastian cemetery where he had worked and buried his seabag full of weapons. They existed through a back road while the police where coming through the front gate. While leaving the cemetery, they escaped off earth to a perfect world. They learned they were there to corrupt that world. This is a story of four hippies teaching the inhabitants about, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, making war and all the other things that earth people did.

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