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Kuhlain's Quest

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For untold millennia, the Kingdom of Pendor and its neighbors lay under ice as high as the mountains. The retreating ice exposes artifacts and ruins of a previous civilization.
Kuhlain’s Quest is about regaining what has been lost. The hero, Kuhlain of Torvik, finds a magnificent sword and dagger while hunting. He is to marry his clan chief’s daughter, Ceili, but while he is away hunting, treacherous men from Pendor abduct Ceili. With the blessings of his chief and the help of Brog, the blacksmith’s son, Kuhlain heads south in search of his love. They stop at the home of a seeress who warns Kuhlain that the leader of the men who stole Ceili will revive an ancient evil...that kingdoms shall rise and fall. The seeress tells him he will learn the origins of the sword and his true destiny.

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