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Daylight at Morgan Manor

150 pages2 hours


The owner of the estate, Isabella Morgan, is in deteriorating health. As her condition worsens, so does the hunger for her legacy. With a successful business leader of the Triads rising in the political polls, any upset to his rival can carry the vicious gang into a level of governmental control that they have only dreamed. A secret society learns of the Triad plot, and extorts a shady deal with a retiring Colonel. The tactical team is sent to collect valuable information that can unravel the plot. Various underworld factions learn of the potential accolades, which may be determined by the contents of a secret envelope. The envelope holds the true history behind the estate, and may pose a substantial threat, or a large advantage, to the highest bidder. Unsuspecting persons are collected for various roles in the night to come. Their actions, or lack thereof, may decide the fate that awaits the nearing dawn. As a surprise twist, a psychotic young man has secretly taken residence in the mansion. The rival factions, save for one, have no knowledge of his presence.

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