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True Short Story

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Timothy Adams, Author of "True Story", Co written and edited by Jeanniene Brown. In this book you'll find that in late 1994, Mr. Adams also known as Smitty, life was changed forever when he was captured by the U.S. marshal's for a drug offense in North Carolina. Although his case was not widely covered by the local News papers down in Winston-Salem, N.C., with the assistance of a private investigator, Mr. Adams was able to obtain documents that show's that his sixth amendment right to a conflict free attorney was violated during his trial.

You'll also understand the set up and trials and tribulations of what Mr. Adams went through from the time he was arrested, to the county jails and his court appearances.

Mr. Adams was never told that his former trial attorney from Winston-Salem N.C. represented a potential witness in a substantially related case. In 2008 here at F.C.I. Fairton New Jersey, I felt compelled to share my experiences, my trials and tribulations with the world by writing my story. So with the help of self publishing and Ms. Jeanniene Brown I received the confidence that I needed to write my story.

In my story you'll find that I was sentenced to a LIFE imprisonment based on hearsay testimony of informant's trading their testimony for a reduction of their sentences and crimes of their own. Mr. Adams has served (17) years of his 10-LIFE mandatory minimum sentence for a dry conspiracy of no actual drugs. But however, due to the recent changes in the Federal laws called the Fair Sentencing act, the mandatory minimum was reduced but was not made retroactive. Congress has introduced a retroactivity bill in June of 2011 and the bill is expected to pass late this year. But in June the sentencing Commission made the federal guideline part of the fair sentencing acts retroactive. This bill is accepted to free over 12,000.00 inmates. In True Story, you'll learn more about the fair Sentencing Act that congress passed.

This book is part of the Social Media Phenomenon, which I hope will revolutionize the world. I hope that you'll learn as well as enjoy my story. Thank you.

Timothy Adams.

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