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Two men journey deep into Jupiter's moon Callisto to rescue a beloved teammate before time runs out. And just what wondrous but deadly secret is hidden at the bottom of the frozen cavern?

”Cavernauts” is a novelette originally published as the lead story in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2009.

Trade Reviews:

“Tense... quite an adventure... Some of the imagery is awe-inspiring... the wonders of the universe are beautiful as well as deadly, and are eternally of a more fantastic nature than we can ever imagine.” - Tangent

“Gripping adventure... enjoyable... smoothly written” - The Fix

“A rousing adventure tale... RECOMMENDED” - Internet Review of Science Fiction (IROSF)

“An exciting tale ... inventive ... a good finish” - SF Revu

Analog Reader Comments:

”Love Cavernauts! !!!!”

”Excellent story"

“Good story! Has a Robert Heinlein combo Arthur Clarke feel to it.”

“A nicely old-fashioned problem story”

“I loved David Bartell’s ‘Cavernauts’!” - Analog reader, via Brass Tacks (letters to the editor, Analog magazine)

A Russian translation of CAVERNAUTS has appeared in the Russian SF magazine ESLI. Much more information on the author's website.

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