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Order of blood

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Hervidor Tellis is intent on the revenge and humiliation of the Gulons, one in particular; Abram. For centuries the Gulons have patrolled and ruled the lands around his home, taking the lives and the food from the vampire race and leaving them without choice.
Nessy aka Marinette, Abram’s daughter holds Hervidor’s attentions as he makes the daring plan a reality, taking her heart and enforcing the vampire race and the strength of his race, being the king the survival lay heavily upon him and so did their survival against the Gulons.

The Gulons ruled by Abram, the greatest pack leader that ever existed, holds the chance to diminish the vampire race to nothing but dust, but then finds his daughter the sole captivating feature in the vampire kings world. Racing to head him off before he can humiliate and kill his daughter for his own revengeful sinister lust, will he find Nessy in time to be able to save her life and the save the future of the Gulon race?

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