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The Year of the Snakes

94 pages1 hour


While searching for her valuable bracelet, Rebecca and Sylvester come across a group of men fiddling around with a time machine. One of the men accidentally kicks Rebecca’s bracelet into the time machine! Sylvester, determined to get the bracelet back, grabs onto Rebecca’s hand and runs into the time machine. They’re in for more than they bargained for, however, as they gaze at their beloved home island. The place is crawling with snakes! The duo discovers that the men fiddling with the time machine are responsible for the extinction of all the people on the island, and now they want to take out the snakes, too! Do Rebecca and Sylvester have what it takes to team up with the snakes and defeat the men responsible for all this? On top of that, will they ever get back to their own time? Read on and find out!

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