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Lemons: The Kitchen Cure-All

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a drug store in your kitchen, a beauty therapist on hand in the bathroom every morning, a cleaner ready and willing to work any time of the day, and a chef happily dispensing meals that taste great and are good for you?
You do... and it's called a lemon.
Lemons are chock full of goodness and grandma and her forebears have been using them forever to ... get rid of pimples, add flavor to foods, clean the bathroom, disinfect the kitchen bench, scrub oil off concrete, treat a headache, beat a cold and more.
What a simple lemon added to a couple of other kitchen-cupboard ingredients can do is amazing!
Lemons - the Kitchen Cure-All is packed full of cleaning solutions, beauty tips and health remedies. You'll look good, feel great and have a house that's lemon-clean!
Over 150 remedies, over 40 recipes. Just one tip will save you the cost of the book!

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