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All Sorts

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All Sorts is a satire that strikes straight at the anxiety over the accelerated pace of technological change: what future for deeper thought in an era of the printed word versus Facebook and Twitter?

These neighbours know good old-fashioned books maketh the family. Their book group pores over The Bride Stripped Bare, The Corrections, The Secret and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: the perfect opportunity to play out their own lusts, enmities and envies.

Charter members are secretive new mother Annie Clotilde, whose Francophile leanings are not all they seem; lovelorn Billy Brigadier and his three-legged dog David; transsexual provocateur Gabriella Voltaire; pistol-packing ex-communicated nun Elvie Green; artist and Archibald portrait finalist Wendy Weng; muscle-bound bisexual Noah Hamilton; short, bald and hairy lothario Jake Gourevitch; and 20-something twins Karina and Ashley Stace, who speak in text abbreviations and fret their Kindles went out of fashion the day they got them.

Over tea and biscuits and the odd glass of wine, they’ll yarn about whether women need marriage any more, gays getting conservative, and ponder what’s left to shock: mixing up who’s a man and who’s a woman? Tasty!

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