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The Pocket Gnome

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Tanglemere village is very old, very quaint and exactly the sort of place Beatriz Mishram thinks she needs for a fresh start after the break-up of her marriage. Unfortunately, her twelve year-old son, David, does not agree. He hates everything about their new home except their large and unkempt garden.

David’s anger and resentments are beginning to take a dark turn. He thinks about catching one of the small creatures he can hear lurking at the bottom of the garden. Stealing a box from their neighbour’s shed, David sets up a simple trap. The next morning, much to his surprise, he finds that his unlikely set-up has worked.

At first, David is delighted but he soon learns that what lives at the bottom of the garden is better left undisturbed. Tricked into what he believes is a blood-brother bond with a magical creature; David thinks that he can have his adventure and still be home in time for dinner. But his gnome ‘brother’ has far deeper plans.

The remnants of an ancient and terrible people, the Fomori gnomes have been waiting for thousands of years for their one chance to break the curse that bound them to their pocket-sized forms. Finally, it has arrived and David is caught up in the continuation of a mythical battle, with Powers that have long lain hidden.

Now, one unhappy boy must rise above his own grief to become the guardian of an ancient curse, a wielder of Power and protector of the fragile seed for a better future.

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