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White Tracers

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Some quotes from Rachel and Givandra's book follow:

‘Lying in wait around each corner there is a whisper of hope, there is an undivided link, a harmonic sound, a simple harmonic symphony that links your universe together. It is not laid down in concrete pylons or orchestrated groupings but rather is the free creative element that inhabits the hearts of all of you.’

‘ can be free instead of absorbed. Ink is absorbed on a blotter and is left indelibly there, but the handwriting that pursued such a mark has already moved on. Likewise in your lives do not become absorbed, move with the pen’s flow, move with time,...’

‘Because moments are the calories of time! They are the energy particles that create your worlds, they are the means by which you structure your days, your lives, your thoughts even.’

‘Because each event is like a pool, you look into the pool and see your reflection.’

Rachel and Givandra (Channelled by Ben Gunn.)

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