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Ankh is a fantasy novel that brings the ancient gods of Egypt into the modern world. On a dig in central Egypt, Sarah Parker, a physician from Denver, turned archeologist, finds a golden ankh that changes her life forever. Despite her efforts to deny what is happening, Sarah begins to relive the myth of Osiris in contemporary times. Drawn into the intrigues of the ancient gods, she finds her love, only to have their relationship threatened by Set, the god of death. Independent of her denial, fate has placed her in a different reality, one that will take over her life, changing her future.

Sonni is the author of "Black Fire" (Simon & Schuster), the first Star Trek novel to make the best-seller list. "Black Fire" was chosen as the best Trek novel published in the first twenty five years of Star Trek. She has authored two romance novels, "Forbidden Love" and Love Trap", for Proctor and Gamble's "As the World Turns".

Her recent novels, "Riding the Rainbow", about a troubled Pueblo Indian teen coming of age, and "Xenovation", a science fiction novel about a human-alien hybirid, are both available on e-book and print versions..

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