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Film at Eleven

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The sequel to Any Red-Blooded Girl, Film at Eleven is the second installment of The Flora Fontain Files.

Life sucks and then you die, at least as far as sixteen-year-old Flora Fontain is concerned anyway. Because at the moment, just about everything in her averagely pathetic universe has taken a gigantic leap into the Pit of Doom: She’s been separated from the love of her life, gotten assigned the junior year schedule from hell, gained like fifteen pounds in Twinkies alone and, oh, the hot new foreign exchange student has a thing for her, which wouldn’t be such a problem if Flora’s best friend didn’t have a mad crush on the guy.

And just when things couldn’t possibly get any more complicated, of course, they do. Because the moment Flora starts to fall for the new hottie, her long-distance love-muffin rolls into town, grinding her universe to a heart-stopping, brain-wrenching halt.

If something doesn’t change, and pronto, Flora just might end up six feet under—or, at the very least, eating up valuable space in a rubber room. Either way.

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