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Crossdressing Sissy: Forced To Be A Hotel Maid

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Boring, low-paid accountant Greg Watson gets taken on a city break holiday by Barbara, his bullying, high-powered wife. While she is out shopping he takes the opportunity to have sex with a beautiful, young, Russian hotel maid, Natasha. His wife walks in at the crucial moment and at a stroke his life ends as he has known it.

His wife decides to punish him by forcing Greg to work the rest of the week as a female hotel maid. Greg is given the name Emily. Forced to take a job at the same hotel, the new maid is given a room in the maid’s quarters and a pretty, sky-blue and white dress to wear on duty. The new girl serves out her punishment pushing the cleaning cart around the rooms, mopping the floors and changing the linen.

Emily’s lot gets worse and worse. Tormented both by Barbara and Natasha, she spends her week working and trying to satisfy their lesbian fantasies. One week becomes two, then three, then four. Her situation is so bad that the only possibility of escape is by entering a relationship with Ashley. A good looking guy.

A sensational sissy maid story of enforced male servitude, female domination and punishment.

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