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Days of Destiny

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The Jewish Year under a Chassidic Microscope

Without a professional guide, a tourist can visit the holiest and most fascinating sites, yet leave without even realizing what he has missed. Physically, he has been to Safed or Jerusalem, but its riches passed him by.

As in space, so in time. Without professional guidance one can live through Pesach Sheni or Yud-Tes Kislev, yet leave it behind without realizing what one has missed. Physically, one has observed the date, but its riches have been left untouched.

Like a good professional guide, Days of Destiny is alert, instructive and concise. As the year's red-letter days appear in turn, this guide points out to the reader — with all the luminous depth that Chassidus uncovers — exactly what underlies his praying or his fasting or his dancing. And as a result, he will find that he is praying with more focus and fasting with more effect and dancing with more gusto.

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