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Justice Served

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In a society not too far from now, criminals help pay the costs of their sentence in a variety of ways. One way the system recoups its expenses is by 'renting' inmates out. The more someone is willing to pay, the more he or she gets for the money.

For Galven, two million dollars buys him an evening with two lovely, incarcerated brunettes. They're both women who know how the system works and are more than ready and willing to give him his money's worth of kinky sex, bondage and even pain in exchange for a couple month's good behavior. But, worldwise as they seem, they soon learn there are always surprises, as this millionaire's scene takes the whole 'whipped cream and chocolate sauce' kink to a whole new, erotic and sadistic level.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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