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Love Will Find a Way (Medical Romance Series)

133 pages2 hours


Nursing Sister Rosie's future is clearly mapped out. A loving relationship with anyone - other than her intended partner - can never be on the cards. But when she meets Sam in unusual circumstances, complications arise! Rosie is on her way home from a night shift at the hospital when she comes across a road accident in which Sam has been knocked down by a car. She attends to him and when she later visits him in hospital she is surprised he recognises her. They strike up a relationship and Rosie realises she is falling in love with him. Meanwhile they each become involved in a series of strange incidents. Sam's briefcase containing important legal documents goes missing, and Rosie is convinced she is being stalked. It seems clear to Rosie that the culprit is determined to shatter her relationship with Sam. Events become even more sinister and when Rosie decides she must stop seeing Sam, their future together appears bleak. But Sam is determined to find a way. Will they evenutally discover the identity of the culprit? And in the end, can the powers of destiny be changed?

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