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JUICE: The Crimson Clone

538 pages8 hours


A Fluke Creation - A Trail of Bodies - A Thrill Ride Into Terror.

Juice could mean global power and massive wealth. And stumbling his way into creating such a product makes Dak Knobel a target for trouble. To protect his windfall, Dak forms a hurried alliance with the wealthy Westland family.

Whiplashed into a blur of chaos by his secretive new partner, two hot women and annoying phone calls from his mother, Dak finds himself at the center of a bloody dispute between factions with inhuman motives. To survive, he must accept a twisted version of reality. The body count is growing fast, so he'll also need a stiff drink and a change of underwear.


Blending gritty action, humor, romance and gory splatters throughout a provocative plot with plausible twists -- a tasty concoction that makes JUICE a smash hit!

"As good as Sookie, but a lot funnier... A Gripping Page Turner."

"The ending just Killed me... Makes True Blood look like Kool-Aid "

"Clever Story Telling... Ingenious plot... Well Blended Genres."

"This one has it all; humor, action, mystery, romance, paranormal twists and... well, laughing while you're scared is actually fun!"

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