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Life At Mimosa Lake: The Story Of The Winter Visitor

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Life at Mimosa Lake: The Story of the Winter Visitor is the first novel in the Mimosa Lake Series. The series follows the neighbors living on and around the shores of a rural lake in the midwest as they explore their faith and meet the challenges and joys life brings them. Humor, friendship, tears, troubles and celebrations flow through their lives. Mimosa Lake can attract the rugged individualist to its shores,so how do they all co-exist?

The Story of the Winter Visitor examines faith during hard times. The neighbors are dealing with the great recession and are discouraged. God sends hope through their natural environment. River Ivery and her neighbors find the strength to go on when an unexpected visitor comes to winter in the lake area. The story is filled with faith, community, hope and humor twinged with bits of philosophy from these quirky, independent souls.


Life at Mimosa Lake isn’t the same for River Ivery and her neighbors since the great recession began. The neighborhood is filled with quirky, independent souls who rely on each other to get through tough times.

But now, winter is coming and people are feeling very isolated. There are more disagreements between neighbors, many have lost sense of safety. Comradely has vanished. There is so little to hope for these days. Herbert Potts knew this would happen.

Let’s be honest, River is afraid. After being laid off, she has embarked on a new career as an artist. How could she be so crazy, to make a change like this in hard times? But she is not alone, her neighbors are facing challenges of their own.

Frances Sullivan confides in her friend River that she can't remember when faces were so 'sour'. Is it Georgia Lemonn's imagination or has Dock's sense of humor evaporated in the cold? Where has the romance gone in Alvin and Peggy Owens marriage? Meanwhile, the tap of his cane and puff of his pipe keep Franklin Sheldon in step on his daily walks around Mimosa.

What, if anything can bring the neighbors together? Where are the answers as they pray for direction? Can life’s challenges and personal fears be met by taking a simple step?

Join River Ivery, Tim Cole, Dock Crayton, Georgia Lemonn, Franklin Sheldon and everyone at the lake as they test their faith against the backdrop of the recession and learn that abundance can come on a wing and a prayer.

Join River and all of her neighbors at Mimosa Lake as they find that the brightest light can shine in the darkest of times. No need to don your winter coat, you will discover it’s very warm at Mimosa Lake ... even on the deepest, darkest days of winter.

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