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Red Skies White Lies

348 pages5 hours


Sitting on the rooftop widow’s peak in the wee hours of the morning, Mike Snow was three beers into his fight against insomnia when he spots a man walk up out of the water and take in the landscape of predawn Charleston South Carolina. Before Mike can fully register what he saw, he watches the man turn around and walk back into the Atlantic where he came from. Awake and now sober, he doubted his vision was alcohol fuelled and is left wondering if he had consumed some of his roommate’s, and former fellow Detroit Metro PD, marijuana based baked goods. His curiosity consumes him and he starts looking around at his neighborhood, drawn into a cultural war he wasn’t expecting and discovering his friends are linked to the stranger on the beach. When he starts digging deeper, he finds himself standing in a hole he can’t get out of with some of his closest friends whose darkest days have come back to haunt them. Things get out of control when meth and mayhem collide with revenge and retaliation, as two cultures race towards each and leave an accumulation of roadkill in their wake.

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