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Always Me

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Nicky’s life is privileged and sheltered, but has never felt like her own. Her body’s marked by a scar that no one, not even her parents, has been able to explain. She’s haunted by nightmares and hallucinations of violent scenes that feel more like the memories of a very troubled soul than the typical dreams of a seventeen-year old girl. From blood-painted basements to cold guillotines and dark forests, these visions are taking their toll on her sanity.

When she first meets Xander in class, she sees him bleeding from a gaping wound in his neck. His shirt soaked red, he laughs while she trembles and messes up her class recitation. After the vision passes, she’s left with a burning hatred for him and an irrational fear that he’s a threat to her life. But soon, that relents to wary curiosity and suspicion. Xander knows more about her than he should. And when she sees the scar on his neck—just like hers and in the same spot she had seen gushing blood in her vision—she knows it’s not just coincidence.

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