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CAPTURED...! Based on the True Story of the Crew ofthe Ill-Fated Schooner, 'Nightingale'

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This fascinating yarn is based on the true story of thecrew of five on a small schooner outof Sydney, Australia and bound for Bowen in orth Queensland with a load of sawn lumber. Caught in a tropical cyclone, the 'Nightingale' is dismasted and beached on rocks on a small islnd in the Whitsundays. However,the crew survive ad build a crude boat from some of the lumber to sail on to their destination. Overshoting, they realized their mistake and attempt to walk overland back to Bowen. They are captured by a tribe of wild Aborigines before they reach their destination and are enslaved. All except their Captain survive harsh and brutal treatment at the hands of their captors until they eventuyally make contact with a tribe of friendly small bush pygmies who assist them to escape to freedom.

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