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The Soft Side of Success

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What is the “S” factor? Those who have it:
• Have an irresistible appeal
• Radiate positive energy
• Are passionate about what they do
• Inspire others to want to work with them
• Easily attract mentors, partners, loyal customers, and stellar employees
• Have a contagious enthusiasm for their work and for life
• Turn obstacles into opportunities
• Rise in seemingly effortless ways to success
People just naturally want to be around individuals who have these qualities.
The “S” factor is not taught in business school. It comes from the “soft” side, from personal skills and attributes that can make the difference between mediocrity and extraordinary success.
This book contains the five steps that will help you develop your soft skills and grow your “S” appeal, so you can create the results you desire – in your work and in every area of your life.

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