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One Touch of Espionage

363 pages5 hours


Horatio Delmer Touchstone, known as "Touch" lives just outside Paris and works in civilian clothes as a Counter Intelligence agent for the US Army in Paris in the mid 1960s. When he leaves for a two-week vacation across the Alps, and finds himself in increasing personal danger. His analytical mind locates his roommate, Nick, as the source of his problems, but the dangers are real, not fun and games. After almost being tossed off the Eiger, run off the torturous St. Goddard's Pass into Italy, and being shot at in a wine cave in Toblino, he confronts Nick in Verona. The issue is a double agent in the unit. Touch has been bait. He is told he is a nuisance and asked to leave. Instead he plays the game, and while knowingly he is out of his league, he nails the bad guy and survives. Barely.

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