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Once Upon An Incorruptible Criminal

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Every month for over 20 years, scores of youth from West African Countries are wasted in a bid to find a better life in the Southern European Countries while transiting illegally through Libya. Anthony is a clear example of one whose experience was phenomenal. According to him, the price of leaving Nigeria - his country of origin, may be death or the hell of detention but that’s not important. What is important is leaving, and travelling far from the stripes of abject poverty and political instability.

I wish to tell his story in this book, tragic yet adventurous. If I do it well - and I will do my best - I believe I will unequivocally describe the predicaments suffered by illegal aliens and unlawful asylum seekers in Libya and other countries. I wish to clearly lay my claims against the pointless exodus embarked by our maladjusted youth, and to recommend urgent panaceas to the inflicting problems of youth migration.

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