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The Right Touch

374 pages6 hours


Touch has left the US Army to become a San Francisco photojournalist. He resides in Sausalito with a parrot named Hypo and hot and cold-running women. At a Chinese wedding, Touch finds the bride's sister at the bottom of the Narrows Cliff, and that night he is savagely beaten. He ends up using a cane. His first clue, a gold bracelet charm, disappeared; his second, 6 weeks later, is a tape recording. His third is a Chinese jewelry box that has no opening. Together they lead Touch and Nick to a Chinese organization that deals in corporate espionage. The more Touch investigates, the more people die. With lots of evidence and no proof, Nick and Touch target Chinatown's richest and most powerful leader. Then Touch's new lady is taken. When the warehouse that served as the viper's nest goes up in flames, Touch watches her die at hand of the tong leader. Neither man is finished; their final confrontation takes place in Touch's photo studio.

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