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Cowboys: The Collection

92 pages39 minutes


In this epic set of stories, our hero Jack must fight his way across the wild west to get back the daughter that has been taken by vicious bandits set on prostituting her to border hopping villains of the worst kind.

However, with only his trusty gun and two good friends, he must fight with everything he has to get the only remaining family he has left back. Still, with a devious kidnapper to face off with and the leader of the bandits and his bandit crew on the way, it will take more the guts, brains and brawn to solve this problem. Jack is going to need to find the heart to defeat the demons within and the demons without if he wants to get the one he loves back into his arms again.

This is one father's battle for the child that was taken from him in a world when the gun is the law and death is cheap. A cowboy classic for the ages.

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